Frizzell Photography: Sullivan Challenge’12

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Last month I took a peek at Alysha Frizell’s photography from a different event.  Immediately I messaged her with praise on how stoked I was on the quality of her work.  Her photos do the talking so much so that I don’t even feel it’s necessary to bore with some kind of mundane intro for Sullivan Challenge 2012 in Kimberly, BC, Canada.  Enjoy her photos, there’s a few doozies in this post.

For those of us that have attended this joyous event, it’s a party to say the least.  Organizer Jody Schnitzel is a hell of a guy and you know it because of his hospitality while you’re in his town.  For the brief 4 days that you’re there, it’s your town too. Jody always said if he wins this race, he’ll stop running it.  I wonder if he still says that, it’s one of the longest running events out there.

Very skilled riders like Billy Bones have won the “Sully”.  Here Travis Craig & Hugh Johnson battle it out with the Bones man ***(Craig dislocated his shoulder in this race when he had a collision with Mike McGoldrick)

Albertan Mike Sanders of Local 124 in Edmonton shows he still has what it takes to battle.  Here he’s leading out of “the alley” with Rayne Team rider Mischa Chandler inches behind. [sam id=”9″ codes=”true”]

Top 3 Celebrate. Kevin Reimer(1) with Billy Meiners(2) and Hugh Johnson(3)

For use of these photos, please contact Alysha Frizell.  Looks like she got some nice ones.  This was just a tease.  Thanks for the contribution Alysha!

Kevin Reimer: Rayne, Aera, These, Daddies, ADX

Billy Meiners: Landaychtz, Bear, Hawgs,PDX

Hugh Johnson: Landyachtz, Bear, Hawgs

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