Maryhill She Ride Photos by Jon Huey

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, and a few dudes rolled down Maryhill recently for the first ever Maryhill She Ride, essentially a freeride of the hill with less of the intimidation from a bunch of dudes. The numbers were dominated by women; there were just a few male family members and course-workers allowed to ride, but only in the afternoon along with a couple of other daring stipulations. Many of the ladies were riding this curvy road for the first time and felt comfortable in their surroundings instantly. Mary is easy to make friends with…

Ladies line up for free skate gear in the background. A sweet pink minibike stands in the foreground. Longboards, bikes, trikes and buttboards were used throughout the weekend.

Cut-off sleeves were the thing to have on the two hot July days.

I showed up late in the day on Saturday to an elated group of girls and women (and a few dudes) who’d enjoyed many runs already. Instantly, I was almost overwhelmed by how many women downhillers there were, and I didn’t know who they were! Ladies from Texas, Georgia, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Oregon, California, Peru…I met so many new riders, it was crazy.

The Longboard Girls Crew members Ishtar Backlund and Amanda Powell lead a pack of ladies through the never ending left.

There was a mix of leathered up girls and the almighty brave soles who bare a little more. There weren’t too many major injuries, but there was a good amount of road rash going ’round. Chris Anderson broke her collar bone and was rushed to the hospital. The biggest hazard I saw was the intermingling of the drift trikes and the skaters. Christin Gregersen and Sara Paulshock both crashed into the back of a drift trike rider, but weren’t hurt too seriously. Overall, the ladies had style.

Katie Fry had crazy style points.

Kelsey Skrobotz from Victoria stayed with the sailor theme.

Ladies weren’t the only ones taking bikini runs like Amy B rendon pictured here. In order for the guys to ride on Saturday, they had to take a bikini run first, according to the driver, Ally. Unfortunately, I was not there to document the event.

Alicia, Carmen, Christin, and Victoria from behind, still turning round the never ending left.

Sin Cycle Drift trikes! 

Dom Ster went down hard when her fellow riders dropped a go pro they were trying to hand off. She had bloody angel wings and some anti-septic.

[sam id=”9″ codes=”true”]By far my favorite part of the trip was the feeling of the wind flappin’ through places you normally want to cover up. I was blessed with the opportunity to take a dress run with a solid group of ladies. It was a really fun railing the corners with top female riders looking pretty and pretty fast with their dresses flappin’.

All the ladies with dresses on the top of the hill. From left to right: Elena Corrigall, Anna O’Neil, Gertrude Brudenbacher, Rachel Rayne, and Victoria Waddington.

I gave the other ladies a head start for the filming of the run and worked hard to catch up to them with a borrowed board.

Here is the dress run with our filmer, Aubrey Rogers. I’m just creeping behind trying to catch up to them. Huge thanks to Steph Rush for making the photo.

Sunday was just as awesome. Ladies were in no hurry. They enjoyed their time at the top, taking in the view. Alicia Fillback and Carmen Shafer would usually take off right away to avoid any potential collisions with newbs.

Eventually, the boys were allowed to ride, but on one condition… they must bomb in the nude. It was just crazy enough that we were willing to do it. It seemed like us boys really would do anything to ride Mary.

Yee Haw! Riders behind me try to pass me on a wobbly borrowed board. I decided it would be a good idea to borrow some random board for a naked run down Maryhill.

Much thanks to Sin Cycles for this photo. My life was flashing in front of me. As the young instagrammers are saying: #YOLO. I can’t wait to do more naked runs. It’s an amazing feeling. I’ll leave it at that.

Of course, a big thanks goes out to Deano the organizer for holding it down. I think he got one run in. Thanks to all the volunteers and course workers.  Thanks to Sin Cycles from Portland for bringing all sorts of dangerous wheeled objects such as the gravity bikes and drift trikes. They are so fun, it’s incredible.

What did I learn? There are many more ladies that ride downhill than I knew. The scene for ladies longboarding is growing. Watch out for ladies coming up in racing, freeriding, dancing, and wrongboarding. Their coming, quickly.

Here’s a full gallery of my shots from the weekend.

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