Jon Huey’s Giant’s Head Freeride Photos

Last year it was gnarly; and this year, just a bit gnarlier. The Sunset Sliders bus came up early to build some sweet ramps for the 2012 Giant’s Head Freeride. Ramps combined with the steep and narrow pavement proved to be a spectacle of skilled riders killing it for the three day event. I will show you some favorites of mine from the weekend. 

Before I left for Giant’s Head, I went to Rip City to set-up a new board from my sponsor, Subsonic Skateboards. It was sick! I had my third version of a customized Killjoy made by Scott Moore the owner builder of Subsonic boards. I was so stoked.

Here you can see Scott’s beautiful brown stain on the top before I grip it.

Screw in trucks and the custom footstop (made from cut out scraps) and it’s ready to go.

click click boom. Scott made this photo arrangement of my board. My multiple mounting holes look like buckshots imprinted in the silver layer on the bottom. I ended up switching my stylishly white Calibers at the hill to some sick Gullwings with rake (because I accidentally set the board up with 10 inch and 9 inch Caliber hangers). The separate trucks rode almost identical to each other.

[sam id=”9″ codes=”true”]Now to the event! I skated it up as much as I could in the hot Summerland, BC weather. It was so much fun ripping with everybody. This was a freeride and a race event that attracted the regular hard hitters in addition to many new faces. I apologize if I don’t know your name and you are in a photo of mine. Let me know if you are in one of these photos through the facebook reply.

Some riders wait on prime shuttle spots up the hill and some desperately try to hydrate themselves.

The Giant’s Head road had three different banks and one ramp to bank. Occasionally a ramp would get a hole in it and it would be self regulated, blocked up or warned against. It would be fixed ASAP as riders just kept coming. Skaters looking out for skaters. Unfortunately nothing could be done as Jessie Breiman, followed closely by Liam Morgan (who had just recovered from a broken femur), bailed from his board on the double rainbow bank and broke a hole through the ramp near the bottom. People watched in horror as Liam’s wheels sunk into the hole and he smacked his body to the ground.

Some French Canadian girls freak out from Liam’s injury, Jesse checks out Liam’s hip, and the lady on the left checks out Liam.

World class rider Brianne Davies has freeride skills.

Australian but temporarily Canadian Wip Kitsune wipped up some air on the “Double Rainbow” super bank.

Chance Gaul gets big on the ramp to bank.

Byron Essert makes it look easy as he wallrides the Comet bank to bank in the flat section.

Kyle Martin killed it…when he chose to skate.

During the freeride, Adam Yates and Justen Ortiz tangle up and tumble painfully down the hillside.

Byron Essert, Kaimana Pinto, and Jose Guzmanrail through dirt corner.

The race started out by grudge matches. One rider picks another rider they want to compete against one on one. That is how the first round of heats goes down. Brackets start and I guess the organizers try to match up consequential rounds fairly. Anyway, some took it really seriously and some did not. Many riders decided to place restrictions like no hands down to make it more interesting. Watching Kyle Martin and Gabe Antonio com through a corner standing really close together was pretty awesome. I missed the shot as my jaw was dropped watching it happen. I just wish I was at a corner that was toeside for them. Here is are my photos from the race.

Let the racing begin! Wolfgang Coleman closes the inside gap with a tight predrift.

Scott Lembach of Muirskate is such a ripper. Here he races someone almost half his age.

Darryl Freeman raced all stand up as usual. In a race heat, Colin Zacharias nearly collides into the back of Darryl.

He rides away clean. Darryl ended up sliding off the board at the double rainbow bank. I don’t recall who won. I don’t think it mattered.

Kevin Reimer leads Gabe Antonio through Dead Man’s conrner in the semi final heat.

Kevin won the race with a big lead on Hugh Johnson and Byron Essert.

And now the traditional Giant’s Head group photo. Yeah, I could’ve cropped Chance out, but what would be the fun in that?

The Giant’s Head Freeride was an event definitely worth going to. It was like a downhill skatepark. We need more multi-terrain downhill courses like it. See you at the next event… probably Cathlamet in eight days! If you don’t know what the Cathlamet Downhill Corral is then check the homepage soon for a press release. [sam id=”8″ codes=”true”]