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End of the World Tour: Choro Edition

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Enjoy this roadtrip with Christian Salmon (Choro Longboarding), Rob y Maga McWhinnie (Hopkin Racing), Marisa Nuñez (Daddies, Abec 11, Skate[Slate]), Ishtar Backlund (SkateSlate) and José Cortez

Edited by
Christian Salmon

Christian Salmon
Rob Mc Whinnie

Citizen Cope – Karma Police
The Herd – Underpressure

Special from the creators:

Kokopelli Hostel, Chaman Longboards, Hopkin Racing, Rayne Longboards, Nuqa Clothing, RipTide Bushings, Skate[Slate],Grind Magazine
Malecón Roots, Longboard Girls Crew


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