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Skate Session in Cebu, Philippines

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Epos Falcone leading the pack.

There are numerous spots in the Philippines, one of which is in Cebu. On August 23, 2012, a skate session was held in Cebu, Philippines (the “Queen City of the South”) where “Grupo Nopo” skaters visited their favorite spot in V-G High Carcar (Vegetable Highway). “Grupo Nopo” is the name of their group and if you are wondering what NOPO means, it’s the name of their hometown “OPON”, just read it backwards. They are very talented skaters and they contribute a lot in the community. They make their own boards, they teach, and they make longboarding fun!

In order to get to their spot they had to travel 45 minutes (20km) from the city to the Municipality of Dumanjug. As soon as they arrived, they hurriedly skated down the hill. They were aggressive but at the same time very cautious. This spot is ideal for them because of it’s butter asphalt and every 5 minutes is another skate spot. Each spot has it’s own orientation and approach. They can tuck, slide, and carve up to their exhaustion. In terms of vehicles passing by it’s very minimal, just motor bicycles passing every 30 minutes. Check out the pictures!

Ering Ricablanca

What’s special about this group is that they treat each other as more than a skate team. They consider themselves brothers. They protect each other, they respect each other, they share new tricks and tips, and they have their own style.


Mic Mic Manayun enjoying the ride.

Check Slide

Long stand-up Slide by Dandoy “Double D” Tongco

As you can see, they want to go fast and skate with steeze!!

Epos and his Pendy!

Tandem Slide!!

Toe-side stand up by Charlo Querubin

Toe-side slide

Their session started at 6am and ended at 1pm. They make sure that when they skate, they skate because they want to and they enjoy every minute of it! They obviously had so much fun shredding this hill and it’s worth their travel!

At the end of their skate session they achieved their STOKE!!

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