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IGSA Downhill Skateboarding World Championships 2012 – Push Culture News

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Push Culture News chose the diplomatic route in their coverage of the World Championship race in Calgary recently, focussing on James Kelly’s big win at the exciting event. Those were some exciting finals! Congrats James.

For our last big event of the season we headed up to Calgary Alberta for the IGSA World Championships! 

It was great to see the whole family again and we got to race on a killer hill. 

Check out all the action as James Kelly wins his first ever World Champion title.

There was some drama at the event involving both racers and event organizers. We chose to not include this in the coverage and focus on the excitement of James Kelly’s win. Check out the Hopkin Racing blog for plenty of informed discussion of the issues. The sport is growing and changes will need to be made. As a part of the industry, and as racers we will do everything we can to ensure the healthy progression of the sport. The internal workings of the IGSA and the top racers doesn’t have to be public debate. Rest assured the sport of Downhill Skateboarding has a bright future!

Song: Nyle vs the Naysayers “Round every Corner”


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