Skate The Forest Auction ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT

This event is an awesome Vancouver tradition for the Longboarders in the area.  Formerly known as King of the Forest, Skate The Forest brings all kinds of ages and skill levels to cruise the majestic North Vancouver Demonstration Forest.  Nearly 20k of butter smooth car free trails with all your best buds at your side.  Great for the heart and even greater for the soul.

After the 12pm Skate The Forest, join the crew for a Slide Jam at the nearby “Stables”.  Many a great skaters have hit up the Stables and if you show, you’ll know why.  It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with.  Starting at 2pm, The BBQ and Auction is just another reason to spend this Saturday September 22nd with the Longboard Coalition and their supporters.

ONLY 3 days Left for the Online Auction – Check out some of the DEALS HERE

Here’s some examples of what you can find so go on in and check it out…….