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Holiday of Shred Part 1: HOLIDAY FREERIDE 2.0

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I just got home… I travelled a good 5 hours collectively to get to this event, and I do not regret one moment of the horrendously, agonizingly painful, butt numbing boredom that was my train ride(s). You know those butterflies you get before you arrive at something rad? And the adrenaline you feel when you’re almost there? I got that, and for good reason too…
Holiday Freeride 2.0 was organized by two rad grommets, Maximus Heaton and Harry O’Neil. This freeride was an event to rival all others. It was seriously off the chain. The event was organized for charity; approximately $1600 was raised. Now that’s a pretty rad effort…

Skating kicked off at around 8, and from then onwards, bulk gnar was shredded. Approximately 160 skaters made their way to the event. And the hill!!! It was incredible. Steep and slippery, with slight corners… the type of hill aching to be skated. Spectators were left with plenty of room to sit and enjoy the blissful sounds of thane being drawn on the pavement. There was a LOT of thane.

Photo by Animal House Reference

Grommets and pros made their way down the hill with unbelievable amounts of skill… groms as old as ten riding it like it was easy, (This hill is not for the feint hearted… heck, it scared me.) and hitting slides at ultimate speeds! When it came time to compete, it all seemed too easy. 

The grommet section was first, a truckload of boss grommies competing for the longest regular and goofy standie. These kids absolutely killed it. Not only did they have style, their slides were so controlled!

Grom Standings:

Regular – 1st Davis Lanham, 2nd Josh Loose, 3rd Austyn Boardman

Goofy – 1st Lachie Keenan, 2nd Henry Ruddy, 3rd Zac Stegmeyer

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Congratulations boys. All so deserved! 

The stoke after the first comp was high, everyone keen to get more runs before the Opens category began. After making it down to the bottom (with nasty holes on the butt area of my pants), I set myself up next to some rad dudes and proceeded to watch the Opens boys tear it up. 
I cannot begin to explain how sick (in a good way) this was to witness. 

We all saw some next level shiiatt that afternoon, the older groms and pros tearing up their wheels like they were made of butter. Slides for days. That’s all I’m going to say. Days. 

The results are as follows:

Regular – 1st Jordan Riachi (hey.. I wrote about this shredder in a previous article…), 2nd Jaidyn Beilby, 3rd Will Gibson

Jake Eaton. Photo by Tom Gray

Goofy – 1st Jake Eaton, 2nd Michael English, 3rd Jacob Manning

Michael English. Photo by Tom Gray

After the events concluded, a mass of general shredding commenced once more, until presentations, where the winners collected their prizes, and a couple of other grommets (myself included!) were presented with gifts of recognition. Hooray! Oh, and there was even a grom toss. 

Yes. Holiday Freeride 2.0 exceeded all expectations. It satisfied the shredder in all. I left with a massive, underwear-baring hole in my pants, but wore them with pride as I stepped onto the two and a half hour train home. As people would look me up and down, I would nod, thinking, “I witnessed Jake Eaton standup slide like a boss”. I frothed as I walked up and down a glorious hill, seeing grom upon grom skating like it was second nature. I went to Holiday Freeride… 2.0!

A big thank you to Tom Gray and Kristian Farugia for supplying me with photos!!! You guys shred.

Kristian’s photo page

Chuck him a like!

 Next Article…. HELLA DANK RIDGES RACE – Hosted by Jack Mcmullen & Roy Churchland. On my local hill!! Stay tuned!

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