Skate Happy Valley with Alex Tongue

Many of you know Alex Tongue as the world-travelling, podium-placing, Orangatang, Daddies Board Shop, and StaukIt racer from Oregon. Well, you may not know know he’s from a suburb of Portland called Happy Valley. In this area, there are many fast streets, pathways and straight up sidewalks. This terrain has been the training grounds for Alex on his longboard. Come take a journey with me to the Valley of Happiness. Yes…

Alex Tongue on the Happy Valley sidewalk where he has challenged every visitor he can to make it down no hands, first try.

In Happy Valley, there’s a sidewalk where Alex has challenged every visitor he can to make it down all the way, no hands, first try, for five bucks. Surprisingly over the years, no one seems to have made it. I even tried. I thought I had it and then jumped off at one point; I still don’t know why. Well, Patrick Switzer rolled into town this summer and stayed outside of Alex’s house in his RV. As usual, Alex took him to the spot. This time, Patrick just did it with ease. Alex wasn’t surprised. Usually, it’s just that first time intimidation of the steep concrete. It grips differently than asphalt. You just have to get used to it. I didn’t get a picture of Patrick making it down first try ’cause it was dark, but here is Alex on the lower section of the sidewalk:


Patrick with five dirty US dollars in his mouth. Alex is pointing at him to signify he is the wiener. The moon is there to complement the dramatic lighting.

There are plenty of other hills in the Valley of Happiness. One is a blacktop path that turns into a sidewalk path. It was featured in the Late Summer 2012 issue of the Longboarding magazine:

Steven Suhama switch stalefishing through the corner.

Here are some other photos from that same session.

Noah Throckmorton, local Subsonic rider, shreddin the sidewalk.

Alex goes switch.

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Here is another sidewalk path in the neighborhood.

Alex takes the sidewalk instead of the street for fun.

Patrick gets his toeside on the sidewalk grippiness.

Alex has plenty of style, but he rarely likes to show it. Luckily, I caught a glimpse into what makes Alex so Happy. It’s the hidden stinkbug.

Alex toeside slides into the sun with his sunglasses as the ominous clouds approach from behind.

Well, that concludes the tour into this Valley of Oregon. I’m afraid the rain is coming. In case you were wondering:

Alex’s current set-up is a Stalk It prototype board, Orangatang wheels, InHeats for racing, Baluts for freerideing, Aera trucks, Venom bushings, and whatever bearings he can get his hands on. Check out Skate Happy Valley Facebook page for skate happenings in his area, updates on his travels, and videos too.