Five Mile joins Resource Distribution: Interview with Cody Shea

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Dan Pape: How’s life treating you Cody?

Cody Shea: Life has been 100% crazy, lately, in a very good way. We had a very rough year trying to keep up with everything and having internal difficulties, but we managed to pull through it and keep the family together. So things have been interesting and very exciting, especially looking toward the future, but it’s just been probably the hardest year for us to date. But we are moving forward and the future has never looked brighter.

Where are you living now?

I’m still in our home base of Tacoma, Washington, enjoying the rain skating and embracing the winter snow.  Most of our day to day crew has taken refuge in our former skateboard factory recently, and we are renovating it into our own private “skatopia” style of get away.  Its been a lot of fun and given me plenty of time to evaluate my life and Five Mile’s future.  But at the end of the day Five Mile IS my life.

Are you planning on staying here for good? Is that home?

I’m not totally sure.  Recent business stuff sometimes seems to want to pull me towards California but it’s not a necessary move right now and yeah, this is my home.  I was born here, raised here, seen a lot of the country, lived out of the state before, and still I manage to miss home almost immediately.  My heart I think truly belongs on the Oregon Coast, around Cannon Beach.  For where I’m at in my life now, I long for some sense of peace and zen.  I have a dog here that my Mom is incredibly attached to as well and I could never bring myself to take her away from Mom for long.  She won’t have that haha.  And honestly, my dalmatian Ruca keeps me sane.  It’s not something I’m willing to leave yet.  But who knows what the future will bring.  So far I couldn’t be more surprised.

How’s Five Mile and the video producing going?

Well we have moved out of manufacturing and now have time to focus on our marketing skills to re-launch the brand.  Dan Kasmar has been by my side since the beginning and he has an extensive photography background which has helped me substantially in all the film productions we do.  Typically the videos are my responsibility to get them shot and edited, but I’ve found it unbelievably helpful to have Dan’s input throughout the process.  It’s made us a really great team.  I’ve also started training long time Five Mile friend Dustin “Monkey” Ascheman as our new Team Manager and Film Assistant and the three of us together have now been able to knock out in one day what has taken us 2-3 days in the past.  We are always trying to make things better and learn from each video we put out.  The goal is that each video will be unique and tailored to fit the Five Mile style.

That Dan Couch vid was definitely in my top five videos of 2012. Just loved it…..what’s Dan Couch up to? Love his style mang!! That backside 180 was so sick.  Looks like he was snowboarding…

Thanks dude!  It was one of the first projects we did together and we had a specific vision for that video. Dan Couch, Kasmar, and I had a ton of fun filming it.  Couch is a very creative and gifted skater and he is willing to put himself at great risk to get unbelievable shots.
 He’s currently healing from an injury that started on the set of his second video.  He attempted a 360 off of an eight foot ledge and over rotated his body and seriously hurt his ankle.  He was on crutches for a while and was healed up enough to skate and we went down to the Muir Downhill Disco in San Diego and he didn’t have a terrible fall but his ankle went from bad to worse after that event.  After almost two months of healing we went back to work on his second video and we were able to knock it out.  Couch pulled the 180 off the ledge but still I think he wants the 360 haha.  He recently had a pretty bad fall (scene in his Muir Video) and he is healing hard from that one taking some much needed rest.  Rumor has it he has been asked to join the 2013 Greener Pastures tour!  I’m pretty sure healing for that is going to be his main priority for now.  The kid is a pure trooper, never ceases to amaze me.

Are you guys going to make another video?

Absolutely!  Not sure exactly when but you will definitely be seeing more of Dan Couch in 2013!  Guaranteed.

There was some Divine wheels action in there as well, is there some sort of collaboration going on there?

Ah, the question that no one has asked.  I started riding for Divine and Paris two years ago when Dubes was riding for us.  Since then, more of our riders began riding some of their products as well.  It was never planned, it just worked out that way. When we sponsored Couch I knew immediately he needed a wheel sponsor bad and I put some pressure on Dubes and Divine to check him out, eventually they gave him a shot and were as blown away as I was.  It was really rad. Even though Dubes now rides and manages the team at Riviera, we are all still extremely tight and collaborate as much as we can.  It’s not always about competition, because everyone has their own notch in this big ladder we call the industry.  So we collaborate with Divine when we can and I also sometimes do videos for Paris as well.

Super rad, I like Dubes. So back to the video stuff for a moment, got any big plans tailing off at the end of the year here?

Yeah we are working on a December project for our kids Jackson Wells and TJ Joo from Seattle.  It’s going to be rad!  The plan is almost finalized and I look forward to doing it.  We also just finished this new Dennis The Mennis video in eastern Washington and I’m stoked on it.  We were able to knock it out in a day and I had it edited the next day.  Sometimes things go smoothly haha.  Sadly we killed a deer on the way home though, but luckily no one was hurt and Bambi went quick. Shit happens.

Who started Divine anyhow?

Divine was founded by Joey Pulsifer who also founded Paris Truck Company.  And I’m happy to say we are partnering up with him and Resource Distribution for next year.

Resource Distribution?

Well as you will see we have been asked the privilege of joining Resource Distribution for the 2013 season and beyond. Resource currently is home to in-house brands Riviera Skateboards, Paris Truck Co., Divine Wheel Co., and Mike Vallely’s Elephant Brand Skateboards. We are honored to be beside these other brands that we have had great relationships and collaborations with in the past and are proud to say it’s official!  In the wake of this change we have decided to rebrand the company and change the identity of our line up. We feel Five mile is a brand outside of the main stream and will remain so for many years to come.  We have always wanted more creative freedom with our graphics as well and this was the best solution. We also want to ensure our followers that the quality in our boards is going to dramatically improve by this switch.  The industry standard for 3D concave has improved world wide so drastically in the last two years we feel we can keep the same innovative Five Mile designs and offer them back to the market at a higher quality without raising our prices. To re-introduce to the people what took so much blood, sweat, and tears from all the years to build.  Here is Five Mile.

Are you repping anyone else next year?

Well we are always looking for people that fit the mold of what we feel fits into our family. Because make no mistake, it’s no team for us. It’s family. It’s almost less to do with skating and more with how you get along with everyone else on the team because we are a tight crew. But we are adding Mike Snyder (Las Vegas) and we are stoked to make it official to bring on our newest addition to the Black Sheep, Mr. Philip Crow from San Diego.

Hey Cody, keep us in the loop man!  This all sounds super exciting and I’m sure it will be hella fun for y’all in 2013.  Thanks so much for taking the time to hook us up with this interview.

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