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Brazil: Top Skate Pro Teutonia race report

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Mind control. Jitters. Fear. High Speeds. Roughness. Tons of Adrenaline. Madness. TEUTONIA.

On November 15th, downhill skateboarders from different countries gathered in Teutonia, Brazil, to face off at the Top Skate Pro Teutonia IGSA World Championship, the fastest track in the world. Teutonia is not only about skateboarding and racing, high speeds, and rough pavement, it’s a personal challenge for every competitor. It’s about pushing limits and facing fears, and that is what everyone did.

Between Thursday and Friday, the 188 registered competitors had the chance to do fifteen practice runs. On Saturday, qualifying runs started. Two qualifying runs were given to each rider and Brazilian Carlos Paixao surprised everyone with the fastest time to qualify number one, folllowed by Douglas Dalua and Kyle Wester in the Open Downhill Skateboarding category.

After three days of intense downhill skate activities, races began under a extremly hot sun. The massive crowd was on its feet waiting in anticipation to cheer on their favorite competitor.

In the final, Kyle Wester from Colorado, USA, who qualifed in the third spot, squared off against the number one qualifier Carlos Paixao. Eighteen year old Bernardo Brambila made the podium twice, taking the third place in Open and the first place in the Junior II category. Brambila was followed on the Junior II category podium by Leonardo Oliveira with the second place and William Rubim in third.

Walter Baresi Ribeiro from Brazil was the winner in Classic Luge, followed by Frank Williams in second and Yvon Labarthe in third place.

Georgia Bontorin keeps killing it at only fifteen years of age, setting the fastest time in qualifying and taking the first place in Women’s Downhill Skateboarding category. Chistie Aleixo took the the second place on the podium after a sick race with Georgia. Vanessa Souza, a revelation from Brazil, was third. There were only five brave women who got the courage to race Teutonia. Giorgina Ferrero from Argentina and Reine Oliveira completed this awesome category. Congrats girls!

(Full gallery of images after the results)

Full Teutonia Results

Downhill Skateboard

1 Kyle Wester, USA

2 Carlos Augusto Paixão, BRA

3 Bernardo Brambila, BRA

4 Vinicius Castagna, BRA

5 Lucas Bette, BRA

6 Danky Dean Ovalhe, BRA


Women Downhill Skateboard

1 Georgia Bontorin, BRA

2 Chistie Aleixo, BRA

3 Vanessa Souza, BRA

4 Giorgina Ferrero, ARG

5 Reine Oliveira, BRA


Junior II Downhill Skateboard

1 Bernardo Brambila, BRA

2 Leonardo Oliveira, BRA

3 Wiliam Rubim, BRA

4 Andrez Krop, BRA

5 Jonas Richter, BRA

6 Cristian Bovetti, ARG


Classic Luge

1 Walter Ribeiro, BRA

2 Frank Williams, USA

3 Yvon Labarthe, SUI

4 Nacho Palacios, ARG

5 Jonathan Gralha, BRA

6 Joaquin Barrios, ARG


Street Luge

1 Rodolfo Saldanha, BRA

2 Walter Ribeiro, BRA

3 Léo Borton, BRA

4 Jades Wolverine , BRA

5 Denis Araujo, BRA

6 Tiago Antunes, BRA


Downhill Inline

1 Steve Canona, BRA

2 Danilo Ferraz, BRA

3 Juan Ludueña, ARG

4 Scott Peer, USA

5 Carlos Alberto Teixeira, BRA

6 Jander Silva, BRA


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