CDC 12 Featured

Photo Gallery from the Cathlamet Dowhill Corral 2012

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If I had to show you five photographs to convince you to go to the Cathlamet Downhill Corral (CDC) next year, these would be the five… and they only display three of the seven different competitions that occur at the CDC.

This unique event had an overall champion this year, Brandon Tissen, and the CDC will be focusing on that even more for next year.  It will be  near the end of the next season so you have plenty of time to get ready for it. If you don’t know what the event is all about, hopefully I can give you some idea with these photos.


Dan Couch performs a lofty backside 180 melon grab during the slide jam session. Dan won the slide competition this year.


Ethan Lau soars like an eagle or a condor through the Sidewalk Showdown, winning the style points for sure. I won first place in the event. [That Jon Huey, always so humble. -Ed.]


Will Royce leads Brian “Chubbs” Cortright, and Jesse Breiman in the final race on the final obstacle.


Scott Lembach hucking some huge air all for the thrill, bragging rights, and some money. The big air contest was a side show to the boarder cross race. It went until it was too dark to see and Tyler Howell had the longest jump.

#5 The last photo is a photo of the downhill skate race because it is the last event of the CDC.

During a heat in the downhill skate race, Alex Tongue (lead), Billy Meiners, Jose Guzman, and Will Royce battle closely in the flat part of the wide left.

Well, if that’s not enough to convince you, or you just want to see more, here is a gallery with many photos from the last event.