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The new Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine subscription program

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We’re proud to announce our new subscription service today! We’ve totally revamped our system to make it easier for you and to hook you up with more rad stuff.

Here’s how it works: Head to the subscription microsite and choose which subscription you want. The basic package gets you every issue mailed to your door (every other month), plus unlimited access to our digital versions on Android, iOS, and Kindle products, plus a free sticker with every issue. The best part is that you don’t need to sign up for a whole year! Just pay per issue and quit whenever the hell you want.

The premier package gets you some serious radness: In addition to all the stuff in the basic package, you’ll get a set of wheels with every issue. Seriously, we’ll ship you a set of wheels every two months, along with the latest and greatest issue of the magazine! And stickers! Loads and loads of stickers! We’re gonna hook you up with as much stuff as you can handle. The wheels will be selected by us from our partners, so you won’t be getting some second-rate, cheapo wheel. We’ve got nothing but the best for you guys.

Check out the Skate[Slate] Marketplace now for the best deal you’re going to find this Cyber Monday.