Longboard Larry Chupacabra

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Longboard Larry has been building top notch decks since way back when. They got in touch with us to share their latest creation, the Chupacabra, and we just had to know a little more about it!

Do you want to give me a quick rundown of what went into the board design? It’s a pretty unique shape!

The idea came about last year when team rider David Mitchell began experimenting with a modified Penguin deck we all called the “Managuin” (a hybrid of the “Manatee” and “Penguin”). Basically the idea was to incorporate all the best features of our current boards, and then some. This sparked great interest in all of us at Longboard Larry and development began almost instantly.

Since the original in March of 2012, we have put in numerous hours of hard work and dedication to making this board absolutely perfect. And believe me it is! 8+ molds were created and tested until finally coming about the ideal median of all concepts.

It features..
– 3/8in “UV” drop in the front of the deck which is a pointed radial drop. This helps out significantly with keeping a consistent stance and acts as a built in foot stop.
– A 3/8 flat drop in back to cradle you’re foot and give a more controlled board feel.
– A fat kick tail with a slight radial concave throughout, locking in foot position during slides
– Raised wheel wells in back, eliminating a lot of wheel bite and giving the rear platform concave
– 25-26 multiple variable wheel bases, giving riders the options for riding a more forward or rear orientated control

This board was designed with every disciple in mind from racing to freeriding and even cruising. This board can take anything you throw at it!

 Longboard Larry Chupacabra

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