Photo of the day: Matt K. in Hawaii

I’ve been spending much time going through all my photos from this year. I’ve been picking out the best ones for the Skate Slate Longboarding Magazine‘s 2012 Photo Issue. I came across this shot of Matt K. switch toeside sliding on a narrow, steep, and rough path on the island of Oahu. It never made it to print in my Hawaii article in Issue #06, wasn’t picked up by advertisers, and I couldn’t get it to fit in the Photo Issue. As you can see by this example, you are missing out on some high quality photography if you haven’t seen the magazine yet. So, now after being unseen for 11 months, I present to you this photo. In the background, you can see Hawaii Kai on the South Shore. Read more to download the image for your desktop wallpaper.

Matt K toe side slides switch on a rough, narrow, and steep path overlooking Hawaii Kai.


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