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Loaded Chubby Unicorn

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After reading our in-depth review of the board, check out the Chubby Unicorn in action under the feet of Maxim Garant Rousseau, Trevor Baird, Kyle Chin, and Dane Webber. This video does a great job of showcasing each rider’s individual style on the hills of Southern California.

The official release video for the Loaded Chubby Unicorn follows ambassadors Maxim Garant Rousseau, Trevor Baird, Kyle Chin, and Dane Webber through the meandering mountain ranges of Southern California. Locking into the board’s ergonomic interface for high speed drift control and utilizing its beefy symmetrical kicks for ollies and freestyle tricks, the Loaded team embraces the Chubby’s innovative design in their exploration of downhill freeride and freestyle skateboarding.

For a narrative history and detailed information on the Chubby Unicorn, please visit the Loaded Blog:

For more on the filming of “Chubby Unicorn,” visit the link below:


Maxim – Gullwing Winged Munkaes, Orangatang In Heats, Venom bushings
Trevor – Aera K4 176s, Orangatang Baluts, Venom bushings
Kyle – PNL 180s, Orangatang Baluts, RipTide bushings
Dane – Paris 180s, Orangatang Stimulus, Venom bushings


ARTIST – Emancipator
SONG – Jet Stream (D.V.S. Remix)


Cinevate Durus Follow Focus, Atlas Slider –
Canon 7 & 5D
Canon 28-300mm lens, Sigma 10-20mm

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