Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine Issue 09: Winter 2012

The Winter issue of the mag is out now and on its way to subscribers, newsstands, and finer skate shops everywhere. This is one of our best issues yet (and I’m not just saying that) so make sure you check it out! It features an in-depth interview with Patrick Switzer, a full-blown roadtrip article with the Gullwing Army, a conversation with Brian Bishop, and plenty more.

It’s too late to get this one delivered directly to your door, but if you subscribe now, you’ll immediately get unlimited digital access to this issue and all of our previous issues on whatever phone or tablet you use and you’ll start getting the magazine mailed straight to your home beginning with the Photo Annual. You really can’t go wrong. Back issues can always be ordered online as well, so you can buy the Winter issue that way if you can’t find it in stores.

Click through to check out a high-res copy of the cover, featuring Patrick Switzer.



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  1. James Rainone

    Where can we buy new editions online? Usually, my Barnes and Noble doesn't have any and it's pretty far away too. I also use a VISA, and no PayPal.

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