Skate[Slate] Sticker Contest – Win a subscription and a prize pack from Rayne

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As part of our new Premier Subscription, we’re shipping out a lot of stickers every two months. It’s hard to improve on our near-perfect logo sticker, but we’re going to be bringing out a bunch of new designs to mix it up and want to give our loyal fans the opportunity to submit some ideas and graphics. I know you guys have some talent, so let’s see it!

Not only will we be giving a sick Rayne prize pack to the winner, but we’ll also be randomly selecting an entrant every week during the contest to win a a free Print & Digital subscription to the magazine. That means that you don’t even need to be good to have a shot at winning some prizes, just send us a doodle and you’ll be entered in the draw.

Snap a phone pic of your napkin drawing at McD’s, bust open MSPaint, make a scan of that 3rd grade art project that your parents saved, or crack open Adobe Illustrator and get down to business. It’s all good. Send in as many submissions as you want, although you’ll only be entered in the subscription draw once per week.


The contest closes on December 24th at 12am PST.

Submissions are not limited, but entering multiple designs does not increase your chances of winning the weekly draw.

Grand prize winner will be selected using our Sticker-Steez-O-Meter.

The contest is open to international homies too!

Prize pack from Rayne TBA, will consist of a deck, wheels, and assorted swag.

Send entries to (Files must be under 2mb. Please include your mailing address.)

You must have the rights to your design, so don’t go ripping stuff off.

Use whatever shape and dimensions you want!