Salt Lake City: U of U

There are a few downhill skateboarding spots around the world that are blessed with some sort of shuttle system. A nice alternative to car shuttling is a light rail train. The University of Utah campus has a train that shuttles from the bottom to the top of various bicycle path runs that are a blast to ride down. 

I travelled to Utah recently spending some time at Connor Wagner’s house. He lives very close to the U of U campus. We hit up the campus a few times and I took some photos. It was fun. Big thanks goes out to Connor and his family for the hospitality while I was there.

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Taylor Osborn warms up in the stadium parking lot where most Salt Lake City sessions begin.

Grom Jojo Lyman shows off his skills to the older kids.

Connor slides to a stop at the light rail stop as skaters board the train.

At the top of campus, there are some fun mellow grass runs.

Micah Green slides some sidewalk geometry.

There are plenty of routes that wind down through the campus. Two locals rail a corner on a bicycle path.

Jake Wilkinson leads through one of the last corners on one of the downhill routes.

Ryan Vitale hits the fun early grab drop into the pedestrian tunnel that leads back to the stadium parking lot.

Once at the bottom, shuttle right back to the top for more fun runs. Here’s a gallery of images from the U of U campus.