Review: G-Form Kneepads

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The first thing I want to bring up is how much I dislike the conventional kneepad. They are big, bulky, and have those nasty straps that make you feel like your legs are going to fall off. With that out of the way, I will begin to describe the new knee and elbow pads from GForm (who have developed a soft foam that hardens on impact). These kneepads feature this fantastic foam on an highly stretchable sleeve that comes in 9 sizes for both knees and elbows, as well as a crash short and shirt for body protection. They are all low profile and designed to be worn under your clothing, as well being waterproof and machine washable. This allows for protection for nearly every sport, dry or wet, which is nearly unheard of in the protective gear industry.

Good: I have quite a bit of praise for these pads, as they have prevented many scrapes, kept the swollen elbows and knees to a minimum, and actually allowed me to be comfortable on the hill. These are the most comfortable knee and elbow pads I have ever worn. They are actually so nice to have on, that I often forget I am even wearing them. Because of this, I have caught myself in non-skate situations with them still on and have woken up from an after-slide jam nap to find them still under my pants. A must have if you want more protection under your leathers, or any kind of apparel for that matter. Also, being machine washable is a huge plus as well! No more smelly pads!

Bad: Sadly, if they come in direct contact with pavement, they can rip fast and don’t really slide, making them a minimalistic approach to exterior protection. I have ripped my elbow pads in one gnarly fall, but they did the job. G-Form tries to solve this with a warranty that allows you to send the pads in for a free replacement if you damage them through normal use within the first year, but I feel a more durable version is needed. Other than the wear, I have no complaints.

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Verdict: It’s great protection for a fifty bucks you wont regret. I wear mine every session and recommend them to every person who complains about bulky, uncomfortable pads. IF YOU SLIDE ON YOUR KNEES THESE ARE NOT FOR YOU. Yes…. they wear that fast. However if you tuck and roll, wear them under your leathers/pants, or just want to have minimal protection, these pads are for you. That being said, yes they are worth it and should be in your kit if you don’t already wear pads. Go snag a set, just don’t forget to take them off.

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