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Update on Felipe Malaga

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It seems he is giving good signs of a healthy recovery. The surgery was a definite success. He is showing more and more mobility throughout his body, he can hear, and they looking at taking him out of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) by the end of this week. They are reducing the dosage of anestesia as well. Now, all we can hope for is that there is no longterm damage, and that can be only told by time. He is in good company, with his girlfriend and sister, and many others dropping by for a visit every day.

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There wil be a fundraiser event held in Lima, Peru for Felipe on Thursday, the 20th of December at El Dragon in Barranco. Felipe’s brother is the guitarist of a wellknown reggae band called Laguna Pai, and they will be playing live along with Reggae All Stars. S/. 30 is the minimum donation amount to get in. Anything else will also be accepted.

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His family is also accepting donations to help with the costs. As we all may understand, this procedure is a very expensive one, and any little bit goes a long way. Let’s collaborate!


A direct wire transfer may be made to:

Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP)

Carlos Alfredo Málaga Miglio

193-21707665-1-32 in dollars for a same bank transfer.

For a transfer from another bank, the code is: 002 193-1217 07665 13211


Felipe family foto by Vanessa Gazzani M†laga

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