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Felipe Malaga injured in South Africa – UPDATED

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Felipe Malaga Miglio is the top Peruvian rider and number 6 in the world according to the 2012 IGSA rankings. He’s had an extraordinary year, traveling far and wide in wholehearted efforts to represent his country in downhill skateboarding. He has been bombing the hills of Peru since the very birth of it, and has always had that competitive yet humble attitude that everyone so admires. Felipe has never lost his cool in the most heated of moments, and lives up to the respectful stature that he has created for himself. A true sportsman and a great representative for his country in this harsh and unforgiving sport.

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Felipe traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to compete in the last race of the 2012 IGSA circuit, Hot Heels. This race course is infamous for it’s high velocity, curvy and narrow road. Great tragedy has been had in this event once before, the death of a competitor. In 2004, Lloyd McPherson, a young rider from South Africa died during the competition. It was an unexpected, freak accident that cast a shadow over the entire community and will never be forgotten. They named the section where he went off the road after him: “Lloyd’s Left”. This is the most dangerous section of the course. It’s a deceivingly fast, narrow and tight left sweeper that has claimed the skin and bones of many, and the life of one.

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Felipe made it to the second heat of the semi-finals on Sunday and went down hard on Lloyd’s Left. It isn’t very clear as to what exactly happened, but spectators claim to have seen him clip the side of a hay bail which sent him out spinning, hitting and whip lashing his head multiple times against the tarmac. He was unconscious when they took him to the hospital and they had to induce him into a coma to be able to operate on his head that same night to relieve pressure from his swollen brain. He is being treated by one of the top neurosurgeons in Cape Town. They say it was a very risky surgery, but it looks like it went well. He is stable and last night was showing signs of mobility in his hands and was opening his eyes. His girlfriend, Carolina was with him. Felipe is hospitalized in the Vergelegen Medi Clinic in Somerset West, 15 min from Kogelberg.

Keeping a tight inside line in the semis of Snake Skeleton in Argentina foto by Marisa Nunez

It is so heartwarming to see so many people in the skate community show their concerns for a fallen comrade. His Facebook page is blown up with well wishes and positivity. Last night, the riders in Lima gathered at one of their regular skate spots to light candles and pray for Felipe’s recovery together. Let’s keep up the good spirits for our buddy, and hope for a speedy and irrevocable recovery.

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En la S por Felipe Malaga foto Daniel Vela Garaban

foto Daniel Vela Garaban

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His family is accepting donations for the costs of hospital bills in Cape Town. The information as to where to send the donations is described below.

Donations are being accepted at this Peruvian bank account


Translation: Our friend and national champion of downhill skateboarding suffered a serious accident representing Peru in the world cup race in South Africa and he needs our support. To collaborate, please send your donations to Cta. Banco Interbank (in Peruvian currency – Soles) acct#: 041-3040299499 to the name of Anthony Leveau Ramirez. Felipe would do the same for any one of us. Thank you!!!

Update (Dec. 17th 2012):

Felipe is still in the ICU. Doctors tried to wake him for a second time on Friday but were unable to do so since a lung infection was preventing him from breathing. However, there is more color in his face and he has passed some tests. They plan on trying to wake him again today or tomorrow. Once awake, they can begin doing tests on his brain. Previous information stating that his family had flown out on Sunday was incorrect. His sister and girlfriend are currently there, and his brother will arrive in two days. SAGRA has created an easier way to donate by creating a page for Felipe that includes Paypal.

Thanks to Benjamin Malherbe for the update.


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  1. Fran Zamora

    Fuck man! don't give up homie! sos un ejemplo de persona FELIPE! TODOS TE QUIEREN HERMANO! ESTO VALE MAS Q TODOS LOS TORNEOS DEL MUNDO!

  2. Fran Zamora

    Fuck man! don't give up homie! sos un ejemplo de persona FELIPE! TODOS TE QUIEREN HERMANO! ESTO VALE MAS Q TODOS LOS TORNEOS DEL MUNDO!

  3. Elise Burns-Hoffman

    Thank you for the update and post. We are all holding Felipe in our thoughts and prayers. It was an awful accident. Please can the banking details be put into English and some guidelines be given how to make a donation from SA – international codes etc? SAGRA are also putting a fund together, which is probably where most SA donations will go to, for Felipe.

  4. Luke Godfrey

    I was a rider at that tragic 2004 race and also just underwent surgery in the last couple months. I wish Felipe all the best and a speedy recovery , you'll be back up and running before you know it buddy. Stay strong!

  5. Carole Rubin

    Thanks for the beautiful article, Marisa! we are holding Felipe in our hearts and prayers. please keep us updated on his condition. <3

  6. Alex Walls

    Whoa that's hectic, I don't know this guy but its always shocking when you hear an injury as serous as that go down in our tiny community. Wishing you a speedy recovery Felipe. Sending some kiwi healing vibes your way. Kia Kaha (stay strong) bro.

  7. Carol Reimer

    Thank you for the update Marisa!

    Filipe is in our thoughts and we wish him much strength as he recovers from his injuries. His girlfriend and family are also in our thoughts as they wait for any and all signs that his body is repairing itself. <3 and hugs..

  8. Vanessa Gazzani Málaga

    Hola, el número de cuenta para depósitos es el siguiente:
    BCP CUENTA DOLARES 193-21707665-1-32 a nombre de CARLOS ALFREDO MALAGA MIGLIO.
    El código interbancario es 002-193-12170766513211.
    Mil gracias a todos!

  9. Robin Sandberg

    Hang in there buddy! You haven't reached this far by giving up! You and I are alike, we get knocked down, but then we get back up!

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