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Hot Heels 2012 Race Vid

This video was launched on Friday. It’s real good. This South African race is not for the faint of heart. Lots of injuries, nasty spills, and intense racing. Yet riders love it and year after year come back for more. Winning this race is no walk in the park and this video shows just how tight things can with riders being HOT on your HEELS.

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This years Hot Heels final day was not only the culmination of the season and the highlight of the South African race calendar but a world title was still up for grabs with 16 points separating the top 4 riders in the Men’s Open Skateboarding division.
This ensured a very strong International contingency combined with a local field that was prepared to keep the Hot Heels trophy on African soil.
This was proper downhill racing.

Camera – Paul & Troy
Aerial – Graham
On board – Ben & Anton
Edit – Ryan & Troy

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