Australia: Queensland Outlaw Series

Right now in Australia, skaters are stoked. Stoked to be here skating with each other and progressing as a group. Progress is an amazing phenomenon to witness.
Fuelling the progress is important. No matter who you are or how well you ride, to fuel your own, or someone else’s progression is an amazing feeling.
A dear friend of mine, Mr. Michael English, is doing just that.


Chad Gibson

The “Queensland Outlaw Series” was born to assist some of Queensland’s finest skateboard racers to get to Newton’s Nation… on Australia’s most prestigious racetrack, Mount Panorama. This race has been watched and loved by many, and last year’s live stream of the event really got skaters hyped for the years to come.  Michael decided it was time to see more Queensland faces skating the incredible course.


Elliot Murdoch!

The series is comprised of a number of races (4 so far) in which riders pay registration, and the money raised will go to the series winner, which will help to pay for flights, wheels, accommodation, rego… So far there has been more than $500 raised, and there are more races to come. Michael is uncertain how many more he plans to hold, but is incredibly secretive about his plans for the finals race.

“It will be a twelve man invitational final, in a top-secret location,” He says, and that’s all I’m allowed to know.


Gritz steezin’

Now before I continue, I’d just like to point out who and what this series is benefitting. Yes, it’s definitely a great benefit for the rider who wins, but think of all the progression grommets and not-so-grommets are subjected to by participating! This series gives race experience to those who may not be lucky enough to participate in larger races. Fuelling the stoke.


Jaidyn Beilby and Jacob Lambert racing tight.

Not only have the racers benefitted, Michael found that he gained experience and knowledge to use in the future,
“…[the series] has really improved my organisational skills and given me an opportunity to practice various teaching/crowd control styles that I learn at university (studying to be a high school PE teacher) but this series really isn’t about me. Would I do it again? Heck yea! I nearly like holding races as much as I like racing in them! So many stoked faces, people riding tight and improving their skills and announcing the podiums at the end. I have recently added a masters division (40+ or invite) and that is always a blast!”


Grom Shredder Luke van Dyk

Congratulations to the current top 10:
1. Josh Evans
2. Chad Gibson
3. Michael English
4. Matthys van Lille
5. Jaidyn Beilby
6. Tim Scott
7. Jake Eaton
8. Roy Churchland
9. Jordan Riachi
10. Blake Jenkins

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AND to all the participants, who are shredding so HARD!
Michael would like to ask if any company or individual would like to help the series be as successful and fruitful as possible by sponsoring one of his events, or donating to the series winner. Pretty Noise Lab has been very generous and thrown in a set of their precision trucks! Many thanks to them.

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Blake Jenkins and Will Gibson throwing down some style.

A big thanks to Tim Wright for the photos!

These were taken at the latest race on a small track known by the locals as “G5”. Mellow, but the narrow track and tight corners make it hectic with multiple riders.

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  1. Rob McWhinnie

    great write up Aki Yaguchi, Michael English is the gold in the Gold Coast and the Queen in Queensland, your events are rolling on well and I hope more of you northerners can make it to Bathurst next year and take on the grand daddy of Aussie race tracks.

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