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These two little lights will save your life if you’re a knight rider like myself. I might be dating myself with the reference to Knight Rider and by the fact that I took the time to write about night riding safety. Either way, it’s a super important topic so please don’t think you’re too rad to read on.  This $15 dollar recipe for safe riding at night is one you don’t want to miss.

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Lighter colored clothing helps a lot. But if you’re skating where there is a lack of street lighting then you’re pretty much screwed if a driver races up beside you. Hell, he/she doesn’t even have to be going fast. All they need to do is side swipe you off the road. It’s happened before and it will happen again. Light up and protect your neck. I got so fed up of getting run off the road and having close calls by careless and selfish drivers that I did the following.

About 6 blocks away there is a bicycle shop.  I rode there and purchased these little lights that wrap around your bike seat pole & front handle bar. The shop dude told me that they were bright as hell.  Due to them being only $15 bones for the set, I was a little skeptical.

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Rear RED Light and Front LED Light

These safety lights are inexpensive, hella bright and can pretty much be customized on whatever garments you are wearing (duct tape works pretty good too). For my night riding set up, I wear the (white) Front LED Light strap around my middle finger on my leading hand so it’s a tad easier to bust out.

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By securing the light to your finger, you don’t really have to hold on to it. If a car that is coming towards you gets in your space, simply point the light to make your presence known. Some drivers are so oblivious that this light will hopefully smack them back into reality that you are a commuter just like any person walking or cyclist.

Dan Pape Light Tips for Riding 6

Above what you see is my Rear RED Light simply attached to the strap on the back of my hood.

If you’re properly equipped (LITE UP) then night rides can be tons of fun. Some of the best times I’ve had riding at night when there were hardly any cars on the road. Longboarding commuting awareness is up to us. There’s that old saying you may have heard your mother say when you didn’t put your seatbelt on for short trips…… “most accidents happen only blocks from home”.  That saying goes for longboarders too.  The difference, however, is that automobiles have  4 walls and roof to protect them. We do not.




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    Good to get this going. Cheap and Hella Bright Lights Could very well Save your Life. Nice work guys on this one! Good TIP

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