Chinese downhill

MuirSkate: Chinese Downhill Outlaw

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If you go to enough outlaw races, you know that a large portion of them get busted by the cops before the race is half done. It’s hard enough as it is to get skaters rounded up for their runs, heat after heat, and problems just get worse when the event is being run by some homie who was no idea what he’s doing and the neighbors are getting pissy. That’s why MuirSkate is on to the right idea here: Chinese downhill. I have no idea how nationality entered the picture on this one, but Chinese downhill is the way to get it done. Just throw everyone down the hill at once and see who comes up on top. Not exactly the fairest way to race, but that’s not the point of an outlaw race now, is it?

Even when the police did show up, they just wanted to cop a feel and move on. Serve and protect.

Muir Skate hosted The Chinese Downhill Outlaw on the border.

1st – Joe Marshall
2nd – Drew Edwards
3rd – Brandon Sanchez
4th – Philip Crow

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Chinese downhill