Vegas So Far

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Alysha Frizell has some extensive travels lined up for the upcoming season and will be sharing her adventures and photos. Here’s her first installment. -Ed.

January 4th, 11:00am:

As Rylan “Raggie” English and I arrive at the Vegas airport and wait for luggage, we hear over the intercom, “Rylan English, to terminal 3!” We book it on over (getting lost 2x) and end up meeting up with “Vegas” Mike Snyder. He informs us of an outlaw race later that night. First he takes us to what they call BC (Boulder City) to some sick runs and paths that turn into rad ditches.


The Raggie squint

Chiller 2013 was an awesome race Mike put on. Three crazy tracks organized by an even a crazier man. Three races at 12:45 am, at 32deg. Snot running down everyones faces, eyes watering, and skin about to be lost. Six man heats dropping in. Racers barely visible except the quick gleam of helmets under each street light.


Jake and Raggie

Outlaw results:

1 Jake Copfer
2 Josh Hanley
3 Jason Lightfoot, with Anthony Neuman close behind.


Vegas Mike


Jake Copfer:

“Second heat me and Raggie hooked up in the corner and made love to the curb, I got the better end I only rolled my ankle while Raggie took it up the ass.”

We would just like to thank Mike for putting on another successful event. Plenty more to come. Southern Nevada Outlaw Circuit (S.N.O.C) kicks off in late February. We wander the Vegas strip the next few days, getting into trouble, how can you avoid it really, and laze about for our last day. Raggie and myself fly to Orlando January 8th for KONA and the surf expo. Looking forward to seeing those rad people and snapping some sick shots. Then off to Puerto Rico on January 17th for Guajataka Downhill!!!

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