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Interview: Casey Morrow

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All photos by Pat Vaughan

Casey Morrow is a rad dude. He skates everything, and he does it better than you, too. He’s a skater’s skater. That’s why we were so stoked when we had the chance to interview him about the 2012 Arbor Collective “Get Elevated” tour and what he’s been up to in the great city of Portland. Interview by Dan Pape -Ed.

Casey, I’ve always thought you lived in the Pacific Northwest, am I right on that?

You’re right, I grew up outside of Portland, Oregon. Fortunately. There is great stuff going on in this city.

I’ve seen you at a bunch of events over the past number of years. Mostly Coast events and stuff relatively close to the Vancouver area. Are you still hitting up all those events?

Yes sir, for the last couple years JP Rowan and I (and Pat Haluska recently) have been driving a bus full of the Portland crew up to as many events as we can afford to get to. Anyone reading: If next year you’re in the States and don’t want to fly across the border, check for seats, fly into PDX and ride up with us! We tend to hit a lot of skateparks along the way, fair warning.

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That bowl part in Get Elevated 2012 Episode 1, where was that shot?

That was the first stop of the trip, I believe. A fun little park. Maybe Ojai?

So I guess you’re an Arbor team rider then? How do you like that?

I am, and it’s great. We’ve got a really awesome crew of guys. James has got winning on lock, so the rest of us can just freeride and systematically take out his competition during practice. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year will bring.

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All the girls wanna know, do you have a special woman in your life?

There are a few. Shout out to Josh’s mom.

How about James Kelly? Is he single?

James has a great philosophy on this, this is how he would explain it if he were a girl instead: “If no one’s lips are on a guy, he’s fair game.” I’m sure he would appreciate if you’d follow that golden rule ladies.

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Do you head down south often?

As much as possible when the weather is bad here (November-May). During summer there’s nowhere better than Portland. The Sk8bus is going down to Santa Barbara next week for a little skate-cation and sun. I spent a good amount of time in San Francisco this year, that city rules. The Sunset Sliders could possibly be the most hilarious crew of people I’ve ever met. Someone needs to follow those guys with a camera and just listen to them converse normally, like Big Dave, Special D and Freddie. Fuckin’ linguistical geniuses. It would be like a Harmony Korine movie that made you cry from laughter, rather than depression.

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Are you skating fulltime or more like skating whenever time? Are you a 9 to Fiver?

I’m a gardener 7-3:30, Monday through Friday. November-March I start work in the dark and get home in the dark, not to mention the rain. So I don’t do much skating unless it’s on a weekend indoors. Skip Marcotte and Billy Meiners got keys for the old Department of Skateboarding indoor bowl recently, so I’ve been able to hit that a few times in the last several months. There is also a micro-ramp in our garage.

You don’t seem to take things too seriously, what are your thoughts on how to live your life?

Haha, every once in a while you get a reminder that life really is short. I’ve been actively avoiding making irrevocable commitments to anyone my whole life. Keeping away from loans. Working a job that I can disappear from on a whim, for as long as I want, if something appealing comes up. I can see reasons why that approach may be irresponsible for my future, but I can only enjoy my body with minimal pain for so long. And I have to value time over money right now. Skateboarding has brought so much to my life that there is no fucking way I am going to regret all the time I wasn’t financially comfortable because of it. If worst comes to worst, I know my way around living outdoors in the PNW, which could potentially be a lot more valuable than my 401k.

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A lot of skaters in the past have put you into that “underrated” category. Would you say you’re humble?

I have just been skateboarding for a long time and tend to not push myself enough to get hurt or hurt anyone else. Maybe that appears humble. I bet I wasn’t humble in 1996.

Speaking of humility, why do you think so many DH skaters in general are so unbelievably humble? I mean, seriously, these guys and girls are absolute nutballs with the skills!

That’s a good question. Maybe because no matter how gnarly you are shredding downhill, you’re still going to get funny looks from a group of traditional skaters. You can’t get cocky when a much larger group of people don’t see you as having done anything to earn their respect. No offense to them, they just don’t know that there are a growing number of downhillers that are legitimately badass. We blend in well with scooters currently. And there are some fucking gnarly* scooterers out there, but most of them just push mongo in flip flops.

*Not verified to be a true statement.

There’s a 15 year old girl out of Brazil who just did Teutonia! I mean, really?

I’m still amazed anyone goes down that hill. You guys are crazy. And Brazilians are better than everyone and everything.

What’s it like working with Max Myers? I mean, what’s on the agenda for the whole Arbor Team in 2013?

Max is great. Arbor is based in southern California, so I can’t just stop by the office, but Max does a good job of keeping me in the loop. You’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for 2013…

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If SKS was going to interview another rider, who would you recommend that we hit up?

People who talk real good like. A few come to mind off the top of my head. People with great stories, who are damn good at telling them. Big Dave. Chubbs (I learned he has a real name recently, but it must not have been as memorable), Ethan Lau. Mark Frydrycryyoureyesoutchowski. I bet Charlie (girl, not sure her last name) has some crazy stories. Then there are people I would just want to hear their perspective on things. Duane Peters. Josh Burt. Nate Lang. John Cardiel.

I saw you in one of our mags holding a gun and safety gear, what was going on there?

That was an awesome Sk8bus camping trip, hours up to a sick road in the middle of nowhere. The right-wingers shouldn’t be the only ones that know how to shoot each other.

Any big comebacks expected this year?

Comeback, like someone who was fast, hasn’t done anything recently, but may be fast again? Wolf? No, probably not. If there are any comebacks, I would guess Noah Sakamoto, maybe JM and Rizzo too. That’d be awesome to see those guys more again. Hayato took this last season mellow but I predict he’ll be back atop all the podiums again in 2013.

What race do you want to win?

I can’t figure out how to wrap my mind around that. A skatepark slalom would be sick. Beating Alicia Fillback down a hill would be amazing. But unrealistic.

More freerides, more races, or more bowl events needed?

More freerides. There are bowl events every weekend all summer, just as there are races. A freeride every weekend is next I hope. Everyone thank Deano for starting that trend.

Do you have any recommendations for groms getting into this?

Bend your knees.

Last chance to say whatever you want.

))<>(( <3

Thanks so much Casey for taking the time to let the people know a little about you. See you on the hills!

No problem, thanks Dan!

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  1. Skate School

    Excellent interview! Skate School was blessed to have Casey join us for a few months and share his skills with our students. Some have even removed their top bushings like he does.

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