NEWSFLASH: Kevin Reimer and Byron Essert riding Powell-Peralta at Guajataka

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Photo: Alysha Frizell

These Wheels team riders Kevin Reimer and Byron Essert have been seen in Puerto Rico riding some new decks from Powell-Peralta. Details are scarce, but here’s what Kevin had to say on our Facebook page:

Change is good. The future is looking incredible. As per my usual, I am on the hunt for the very best in equipment. The board I’m riding in this photo is a new concave (my ideas), new construction (LIGHT), and it is made by Powell-Peralta. Byron is riding the same concave but with a different outline shape. He will be creating his dream board soon enough… There is more testing, more development, and there will be better boards to ride soon enough.. For all!

Thanks to Rayne Longboards for all their support over the years.


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  1. Jojo Asuncion-Barrientos

    And rumors are true… Good, not like fricken hollywood where its always "no comment." I LIKE THIS! open and honest. Good on ya Kevin, Even without Rayne, you're still skatin.

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