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Well, it was only a matter of time: The inimitable Max Dubler is resuming writing duties here on the website. He’s promised that he’ll try not to make too many people irate this time and we’re glad to have him back. –Ed.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n keeping with tradition, this year’s Barrett Junction was a clusterfuck of gnarly skateboarding and poor decision making. Official Skate[Slate] business in Oakland kept me from making it to Saturday night’s traditional festivities, but I understand it was bitchin’ cold–28 degrees Fahrenheit–and all the firewood got used up early.

Barrett Tattoo

Nonetheless, plenty of craziness was packed in before everyone passed out at ten thirty. Danny Connor got this sweet-ass Barrett Junction prison tattoo after some drunk idiot who doesn’t skate and had never been to Barrett got a giant “94 for life” on his leg to commemorate his love for the highway that leads to Barrett. The EDI Barrett Junction was Danny’s second race. I’m told the pavement sucked then, too.

Barrett Junction was a clusterfuck of gnarly skateboarding and poor decision making

I arrived just in time to watch the semifinals and posted up at the second righty, where people tend to crash. The corner was extra treacherous because a veteran racer peed right in the middle of the money line. Only Scott from Muir noticed and avoided the wet patch.

Semifinal 1

Semifinal 1: Defending Barrett champ Zak Maytum keeps his hand up just long enough to miss the piss puddle.

Rouleau Piss Hand

Semifinal 2: Rouleau’s glove is gonna smell bad.


Scott brought the Muircedes out to shuttle. The van is large but was tightly packed. These yahoos decided to ride up on top.


Tim Del Taco leads the finals to first place. Jacob from Florida and GMR Mark filled out the podium. Newly-svelte Zak got fourth.


Someone got this sizable #YOLO tattoo on his forearm. Fortunately, his tattoo was free and black ink is the most susceptible to laser tattoo removal treatments.

Rouleau Shoe

Rouleau smoked a shoe shutting down.

See y’all next January.