G-Form Longboarding: Malibu

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Not too long ago, G-Form protective gear came on the scene with a simple concept behind their product: Durable, yet unobtrusive protective padding that stays in place, and works. For years we’ve seen companies like 661 and Fox release soft protective padding solutions that never seemed to fit right. Whether they felt bulky, or slid down your leg as you moved, there was always one or more design flaw that just seemed to hold them back from being, as Goldie Locks would say, “Just right”. However, I feel like the pencil pushing science stooges at G-Form have finally cracked it, creating a product that protects you from medium to heavy impact whilst still being comfortable to wear.


So a little over a month or so ago, G-Form’s Mike Girard approached Sam Weaver (photographer, videographer, professional assassin), Ethan Cochard (professional chef), Ross Druckery (Japanese game-show host), and myself (writer, failing stand-up comedian) with a proposal to do a video shoot showcasing G-Form’s rad product with some fancy shmancy skating up in mountains of Malibu. This is what our motley bunch came up with.

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