Greener Pastures Offshore: A few questions with Patrick Switzer

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Hot off the launch of the second Greener Pastures series, we had a few questions for Patrick Switzer, the man behind the series. Taking all the lessons learned from the initial series in Switzerland, he’s ready to go bigger and better with this one and we’re stoked to see what comes of it.

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Give us a rundown of the basic structure of this GP.

I like to remind myself that GP Switzerland was more an experiment than a high caliber skate film. Sometimes putting ducks in a row leads them in the right direction. We can be very proud of the outcome of GP Switzerland, though it only spurred interest in what could be done next.

How is it going to differ from the last?

Now set in a secret island setting, the unique landscape and culture provides endless opportunities to be captured for film. Our goal is to show a longboarding adventure of talented international skateboarders in a natural paradise for our sport. The crew consists of 8 riders, and 8 in the production crew. We will be filming for 21 days to capture 5 episodes of roughly 10 minute length.

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Is the rider list finalized? Who’s going?

The rider list was not easy to fulfill. A few riders weren’t able to be involved, which allowed for opportunities of different talent. Each rider was picked for specific reasons, and make up an incredibly talented group of young riders who differ greatly in style. GP Offshore is a perspective into what I believe is important and should be highlighted in our sport right now.

The rider list is on our website with profiles of each person including the production crew. Take a look and learn something new!

What are you most excited for?

Personally what makes me excited is creating this opportunity for the riders and production crew to show their talents.


What are you worried about?

Worried about…? Well my job as the producer is to worry and plan for the worst. So if the worst is planned for, it won’t be so bad if it happens. The project has been in planning for one year. I believe we are well prepared and are working with exceptional people.

Anything else?

For GP Switzerland, it was almost entirely hush-hush until the trailer dropped. For our first project I believe that suited our mission to shock and amaze. In a increasingly small world of communication exchange we would like to use social media to our advantage and grow the GP audience and open it to larger possibilities in future.

Teaser photos have already been released on our website and sent to our sponsors and other online & print media hubs. We will release more photos, blog updates and short video clips during the trip and afterwards every few weeks until the trailer launch in August.

Couldn’t be more excited to get the industry working together again! Thanks to everyone involved, as well the viewers for all the good energy helping to make it happen again!


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