Longboard Haven reincarnated!

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Skaters in Ontario definitely have reason to be happy: Longboard Haven is coming back to life! The original store was started by Patrick Switzer to bring hard-to-find, quality skate gear into Ontario and went dormant when he became a travelling skate bum and moved out to the West Coast. I, for one, am stoked that Smooth Chicken is bringing it back. And that he’s getting his haircut by Switzer’s mom.

Jo Ann Koenig-Switzer (Patrick Switzers Mom) had a flight stop over in Toronto before meeting her son. So she decided to wish the boys (Smooth Chicken and Rob Sydia) luck on the opening of the new store by giving chicken a new hair cut. 

Skate Invaders also got a sneak peak of the new store !!! Longboard Haven is community based store, first started by Patrick Switzer in the hall ways of club 54, and now run by Rob Sydia and Smooth Chicken on 183 queen street. 

Stay stoked everyone !! Don’t forget to tell your mom longboard haven is back!!!!

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