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Caliber Truck Co. – Feeling Good Family Tour pt. 1

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The fine folks at Caliber trucks decided that it might be nice to get away for awhile, so they rallied the troops and set off for the Island State. Looks like some fun in the sun was just the ticket, with plenty of time in the water as well as on the hills. How much are tickets to Hawaii?

Part one of the “Feeling Good Family Tour” chronicles Dave Tannaci, Aaron Grulich, Nick Ronzani, and Alicia Fillback on the Hawaiian Islands. 

Featuring: Dave Tannaci // Aaron Grulich // Nick Ronzani // Alicia Filback
Film: Dave Tannaci
Edit: Blake Smith
Song: Notorious B.I.G. – Going Back to Cali (Viceroy _Jet Life_ Remix)

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Caliber Family


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