Weekend video roundup: More than you can shake a stick at!

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Sometimes we get more videos than we know what to do with. With all the other content we’re putting together, and a looming print deadline for the magazine, things just start to pile up sometimes. Take the video above: Rob McWhinnie sent that in on Tuesday and it kinda blew my mind. And yet it’s just been sitting open in my browser, patiently waiting to be posted. (Sorry Rob! And Matt!)

The flipside is that if you’re broke off, or snowed in, or can’t skate for whatever reason, you’ve got a fat stack of videos here to watch or rewatch to kill some time and get stoked. Enjoy!

Rider Sean Spees and filmer Aviel Hod are proving to be one hell of a combo, knocking another one out of the park with this video at the famed Cowtown spot.

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Portland shredder Carmen Shafer struts her stuff in a new video for Loaded. Watch out.

Braden Tibbles is from Ontario, but he doesn’t seem to spend much time there any more. Instead, he’s bumming around the West Coast and living the dream.

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  1. Rob McWhinnie

    all good Justus, stoked to see matts video getting some more exposure, its an Animal House Reference video by the way hey, what a shredder!

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