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It’s those rare warm days in late winter we New Yorkers look forward to!  It means spring is on the way and skate weather is returning. Edward Nieves from Earthwing Skateboards NY couldn’t have picked a better day for his Alleycat style race. The streets were dry and the sun was out to watch twenty or so skaters try to navigate to different checkpoints throughout the lower portion of Manhattan. Starting at Uncle Funky’s Skate shop, they must hit all four of the checkpoints before ending in Union Square. Astor Place, Sara D Roosevelt Park, Washington Square Park, and Reciprocal Skate shop. Here are some words from Edward on why he put this race together.

The start

The start

“The [Broadway] Bomb almost got shut down last year. The city doesn’t really dig a bunch of skaters clogging one street for half an hour. But at this point, New York without push racing is unthinkable. Out of necessity, I borrowed the format of the alleycat races frequently held by NYC’s bicycle messengers. Checkpoints being the only guide, racers are free to choose their own route. Invariably, everyone ends up zigzagging and crisscrossing, thinking on their feet and planning their own way to get to the end the fastest. Speed, determination, and knowledge of the streets are the key factors in who wins. It’s called a rat race, because this is New York City, and skate rats run these streets. I heard people were stiff arming and shoving each other during the race. That is exactly what I had expected and hoped for.”–Edward

ed calls the check points

Ed calls the check points

top 5 and prize

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sks stick

Kid is having fun

first three to show

After the race a lot the skaters headed to Brooklyn to be filmed in a music video.  We met under the Williamsburg bridge and had a film crew hanging out of the window to get the shot.  Spirits were high as we slashed through the neighborhood for the camera.   All in all it was a perfect day for a New York Skater.  The days that wash away the cold, and let you know that warm summer days are just around the bend.



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