Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine Issue 11 – Spring 2013

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It’s here! Issue 11 of Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine is out now and looking good. In this issue:

Cutting Class with Byron Essert & Liam Morgan

Winter Refugees: East Coasters Escape the Winter

Pirate’s Hideout: Adventures in Puerto Rico

Fresh Produce – Tasty gear for 2013

Amanda Powell: California dreamin’

Tech Inspection with Kevin Reimer

Check Out – Daniel Caro

Skate House Media Pages

2013 Event Calendar and IDF World Cup schedule

Finish Line – Yoni Ettinger

If you’ve got a subscription, you should be receiving your copy shortly (if you haven’t already). If you have a Premier Subscription, you’ll also be getting a set of Venom Tweakers. If you don’t have a subscription, look for it at your local newsstand soon or sign up for a subscription and buy a starter pack. You won’t miss another issue going forward and we’ll ship you the most recent issue, along with a bunch of stickers. It’s a great deal!

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