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Meta Longboards: Meet the Crew

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Meta is a skate shop out of Colorado that is wading into the murky waters of downhill skateboarding. This intro video for their downhill team is very, very awesome.

After 12 years serving skateboarders of Colorado, we’re finally making our entrance into the downhill scene with a core group of skaters out of Boulder, Colorado! Look for an online shop to be up soon, as well as a full length video dropping at the end of the year.

Address: 1505 Pearl St., Boulder, CO.
Phone: (303) 443-1245

Filming: Justin Rouleau & Garrett Creamer
Additional Filming: Sean Reilley, Hunter Miller, Rhys Hausmann, Nick D’BK
Edit: Garrett Creamer
Song: The Trooper by Iron Maiden

Stock particle footage courtesy of Mitch Martinez.

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Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.08.50 PM