Get Elevated 2012 – Ep. 4: The Sticks

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In this episode, the Arbor gang meets up with Zarosh Eggleston to skate his homemade park, fulfills their need for speed, and cools off by a little stream.

With just enough direction, the team manages to meet up with Zarosh Eggleston in the sticks of Central California. An hour of dirt roads later, and they’re at his ranch enjoying his DIY spot, the relaxed lifestyle, and the local watering hole. The crew grabs some speed runs on an access road to a very wealthy community not keen on skateboarding, and takes a dip before the pilgrimage north begins again.

Many thanks to Zarosh Eggleston, and the awesome community of Cachagua.

Appearances by James Kelly, Kody Noble, Duke Degen, Casey Morrow, Max Myers, Jimmy Riha, Eric Singer, Tyler Howell, Adam Crigler, and Kelly Carter.

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