Newton’s Nation LIVE coverage – Updated stream

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Newton’s Nation will be live streaming RIGHT HERE, using the power of Youtube to broadcast the kickoff of the IDF World Cup season around the globe. The Saturday broadcast begins at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time. That means it starts at 4pm if you’re on the west coast of America, and 7pm if you’re on the east coast. You can figure it out yourself if you’re somewhere in the middle. Read on to get up to speed on all the action:

The all new race format means that we’ll be jumping into head-to-head, four man round robin heats immediately to determine the final seed for Sunday’s race. The round robin heats were determined by yesterday’s timed runs. The 48 fastest qualifiers will each compete in five heats to determine their order for Sunday’s main event, while the slower racers will all race five heats to compete for the final 16 positions in the bracket. Check the post on the ASRA website for the full breakdown.

Yesterday’s top qualifiers were as follows:

1. Kevin Reimer
2. Alex Tongue
3. Andrew Haiby
4. Dillon Stephens
5. Kyle Wester
6. Douglas Silva
7. Louis Pilloni
8. James Kelly
9. Kyle Martin
10. Micah Green

The talent pool is deep at this race, and we’re sure to see some heated, exciting competition this weekend. (Full results here)

The top female qualifiers are such:

1. Marisa Nunez
2. Magaly McWhinnie
3. Tash Graham
4. Gemma Holland

Enjoy the racing!

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