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Rayne Team Skatecation: Puerto Rico 2013 – Part 1

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This was unexpected.

Les from Rayne hit me up not a month before and asked if a plane ride into sunshine, jungles, and warm ocean water in WINTER sounded good to me. I offered unspeakable things for this opportunity. So I packed a bag with all of my film gear (looking a little like Paris Hilton – just a little) and made my way to YVR to depart.

Coming into San Juan gave a beautiful view of the city. Trees interspersed even in the ‘downtown’ areas. Nothing like Canada/America (at least what I’ve seen). Les picked me up, along with about six other skaters in need of a lift from the airport. Oh, and there were already about five of them in the van. You could imagine 12 skaters, gear, leathers, film equipment, all driven by Rayne’s own broken-wristed chaperone Les Robertson!

Arrive at the house. Skaters. Just skaters everywhere, drinking beer, eating food, laughing, sweating. The locals brought over some of that funny tree stuff you put in glass stuff and make smoke stuff with… saw a lot of that over the trip.

Not to write a novel so I’ll do the rest in a few thoughts.

The course, pretty cool. The locals were so stoked on the event they lined from the finish line halfway up the course. And when I say lined I mean crowded. You had to punch people in the face to get to the front (not really). The Canadian in me kept saying “Por favor, por favor!” as I squeezed through the crowd. Slightly inebriated and incredibly hyped on the destruction consistently unfolding made the locals fairly forgiving of my budging in lines.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.36.45 PM

Saw a lot of people bail (nice), saw a lot of close calls with officials letting cars up while riders bombed down (not nice), or the rampant grazing and meandering of herds of humans all over the course as if cow-season was in and everyone wanted to throw middle fingers at the riders (not nice)… It definitely created tension, worry, and an overall rattling of bystanders’, and moreso riders’ nerves.

Destruction did commence. Apparently Mack Wacey clipped a girl who was nonchalantly carving it up during a heat. WTF?! Maytum came walking up the hill, eyes wide as an “Aye-aye” (google image that shit if you don’t know it) saying that he flatspotted a wheel on her leg. There was still a little flesh with tiny hairs burned into his wheel. Holy F word!

Coastline – Water, bluer than your imaginary girlfriend’s eyes, beaches sandier than your imaginary girlfriend’s… Jungles literally pushed right to the edge of the coast, as if fighting to harmonize land and water. Deep shit right there. Incredible to see during JANUARY!!!

Slide jam – People threw down! There was so much steeze and commitment. No one shorted on effort as they all put out their best. As per usual, Scott from Muir Skate got his elbow all bloody early on. Local kids knew how to ride and could hit mini ramps. Chance was dialing in 3’s later on while Luna kept trying his (becoming) signature no-footer. Levi Green has to top my list for flow, though. Despite that guy’s raging Bath Salts addiction and 23-0 barfight history, he floats the steeziest tricks, nails ’em every time, and is just mesmerizing while simultaneously a sobering person to watch. Tried to figure out his secret… sure enough – the new 143a Abec 11 Hoverwheels. Plus he’s glued on the pelt of a cheetah to the bottom of his board for extra speed. Fuckin’ cheater!

Is it too random to end this post now? Got home from work, hungry, just want some chicken.. I’ll settle for ramen. Fuck.

Brock out.

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