Rob McWhinnie Exclsuive

Australia: All Stars Outlaw & Slam Jam

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Rob McWhinnie Exclsuive


Photos by Andreas Birkeland & Cat Sweeny

The Australian leg of the world tour is always a big deal for any travelling rider. With fast hills, clean beaches, and a world cup event, it’s hard not to have a good time. In previous years we have hosted two world cups to make the long trip even more worthwhile and exciting. While Mt Keira was cancelled this year, I thought it was no excuse not to squeeze in a international class race to kick off the trip, having fun, drinking piss and racing your mates from around the world.

All Stars Outlaw DH


Maga closely behind Dejan Mustard

The week prior to Newtons Nation, BenBro Hay and myself hosted the All Stars Outlaw, an invite only race seeing all the travelling Pro riders in the country put up against local shredders and some stinkin grommets on a hill never to raced at  again.

Ben had found a gem of a hill, not too fast, not too slow, no gutters or trees, fresh pavement and no traffic, perfect for an outlaw race.

The format would be a five round robin to seed a 32 man single elimination tree, this saw grommets like David Penny line up against his hero James Kelly and young Dillion Fraser push off against the likes of Matt K and Adam Perrson. This was the key to the event, stoking out the professional riders with a fun course and blowing the minds of the local grommets who got to race them.

Once racing was underway it all ran pretty smooth. Jacko’s dad Pip was driving the bus and didn’t miss a beat. The course had five corners, all 90 degrees but all different, the top section was a little off camber and bottom section where flat, especially the final corner. It was the pivotal point of the race, the breaking for the last corner would either leave you getting swamped by chasing riders on the exit or flying into the hay bales, lots of riders had difficulty finding the fast line, trying to carry speed to the finish line.


AJ Haiby with his down low aggressive riding


BenBro Hay styles it up around the out side of Quin, Duddy lurking in 3rd


Cam Kite holds down first position against Adam Perrson and Ville exiting the fastest left hander

In the end Kam Kite took the consis final in front of Louis, Jacko and Kyle Wester. To be fair, Louis did the heat with a beer in his hand and even after a bit of a touch up from Jacko he still managed to beat him to the line for 6th. Meanwhile I lined up for the finals with Quin Finoccio, Adam Perrson and James Kelly, stoked to have made the finals at my own event and shitting myself thinking Louis had smashed a beer all over the final corner.


Chad getting the raw end of a three man line through the corner, check the shadows. PC claimed 1st from 4th


Jacko was huntin like a boss all day and found the fast line over the grass on this run


Finals: Rob, Adam, Kelly, Quin

The call came across the walkies and the track was clear. After a monster push I led into the first corner and down two more, Adam and James were battling close behind and both made a move entering the final straight, Adam cleared in front and I was side by side with James, after owning a good line from the outside apex and forcing a small check out of Kelly I secured 2nd spot and made my day, Quin came up the rear but props go to the kid who got there without leathers all day.

girls podium


James Kelly, Adam Perrson, Rob McWhinnie, Quin Finnoccio & Kam Kite

The opens race was a success and the day was topped off with my wife Maga taking the win in the woman’s division and cleaning up with some dollars and swag,  more than she would receive the following weekend at a world cup event.

The following day we packed the bus and motored up to the blue mountains, a new freeride hill had been cleaned and prepped for an onslaught of thane destroying grommets and all the Pro riders here to race Newtons would show em how its done, another chance to stoke the hell out of the local scene and showcase some amazing freeriding. The run I chose for the event was not straight and wide, or close to a 7/11, nor close to anything, you had to drive to the end of a dirt road, jump a fence, walk 300m jump another fence before you reached the top of the hill. The jam would be split in two sections, two left hand corners and the second more gnarly then the first, each section would be then be demo’d by the Pro riders, stoking everyone out safely on a free track and showing the crew what was possible, following that an opens slide jam judged by the Pro riders.

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Intro Photo by Luke Smith

Australia’s  finest freeriders all converged on the hill that day to bust it huge and show the travelling riders what Aussie freeride shredding is all about, Chad Gibson from Queensland, Josh Musumeci from south coast, Macca Petterson from Sydney, Dejan Mustard from Mt Keira, Dan Parish from W.A and the boss micro grommet Adam Olin all held their shit together and displayed bucket loads of steeze and impressed everyone on the day.


Photos by Cat Sweeney

We tried a different format for the jam, challenges would be called out by a Pro rider and the prize for best/first rider to do it announced, first up was Tony Graves with a Rayne Renagade for the best blunt slide, next it was Adam Perrson with a set of Kaha’s for fastest shredder. The day went on and the challenges got harder and funnier. I remember seeing grommets flying off the final corner into the dust thinking they where tired and just kooking it. Na, someone was putting a new board on the line for first rider to hit a sign post and ride away, shit it was funny.


I’m really  stoked on how the weekend went, no serious injuries (except P.C’s broken back), tonnes of fun and thane shredding, along with a daily pissup/safety meeting and catching up with all the traveling riders I couldn’t have been better. None of it would have been possible without my best of homies BenBro and the paying attendees on both days, all the volunteers that helped out working the walkies, fixing hay bales, patching up grommets, keeping score, taking photos, driving buses, and making my life easier id like to say a huge THANK YOU to every one of you.


Stand out sponsors for the weekend include Fibretec Skateboards, Glyde Longboards, Rayne longboards, Sector 9 longboards, Prince Albert skateboards, These Wheels, Rad wheels, Kahalani trucks, Hopkin Skate. theres heaps more but you guys gave away mad swag and the community thanks you.

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