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The Boneyard: Britannia

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Howdy y’all! This is my first time posting up on Skate[Slate] and I’m not sure the best way to go about it so I guess I’ll just dive in. I made the decision that my posts won’t have amazing photos of spectacular skating for two reasons: One, I’d rather leave that to the pros like Huey and Dubler. And two, I don’t have a nice camera. But what I do have is an iPhone so I guess that will suffice.

This last weekend I was up in Canadia for the 2013 Britannia Classic put on by Lee Cation. Last year I was unable to attend due to a broken rib (thanks to the Switchback Longboards mini-ramp) so it was nice to come back to an awesome event.

As you probably saw by the first photo, this area is beautiful. There aren’t many places in the world that have big blue skies, huge mountains and the ocean all in one spectacular view. Britannia is right down the road from Squamish which also happens to be a big climbing destination for many people and for good reason. Hopefully one day Justin Dubois and I will climb this thing…


So the first day of freeriding went down. I got taken out in a corner and was feeling rough but my friend Katie informed me that we were going to go shoot guns and suddenly all my pain went away. I know that Nick and Graeme owned a couple of these guns but I’m not sure who the rest belong to. Either way, it was a blast (no pun intended). After a solid hour or two my shoulder had a pretty good bruise but it was totally worth it. More events need to have guns.guns r cool

Make sure you wear ear-plugs and safety glasses. Cowboy hat helps too.

guns make me look tough

An important part of any road trip that I go on is a good place to get coffee. As far as Vancouver goes, Continental gets my endorsement for best coffee shop. It’s close, convenient and delicious.

i heart coffee

And of course, after coffee you need breakfast. Ask any Vancouver local where to go and odds are they will point you in the direction of Bon’s. For $2.95 you get eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast. Go there. You won’t be disappointed.


While I was in Vancouver, it just so happens that it was Jeff’s birthday. We put on our fancy clothes and went out for the evening. His awesome girlfriend showed up at the bar with delicious cupcakes for everybody. She’s a keeper.

birfday boy

The knife club was in full force that evening. Don’t mess with these guys.

knife club

I’m pretty sure we also got pizza that night. Vancouver has tons of late night pizza joints that serve up a delicious and cheap slice. I usually go for a pepperoni and a combination slice doused in hot sauce.


Sean Sorg was injured with a broken foot from his Ditch Slap trip but still came out to give high fives and bro grabs. Always nice to see this fellow. Personally, if I had a broken foot I would be posted up at home and not at a skateboard race. I’m not very big on spectating. Sean on the other hand, was out there each day to cheer on his homies. He’s rad like that.

photo (1)

Andrew Mercado rages just about as hard as anybody I know. But sometimes even the Merchoochoo train loses its steam.merchoochoo

Speaking of being hurt, Justin Rolo took a good slam while skating Britannia and got scraped up through his leathers. He toughed it out and managed not to cry (at least not in front of us).

rolo yolo

I didn’t take many photos of race day, but I did snap this photo of Quinn (in red) and Emmet (in black) racing down during one of the grom heats. Quinn is no stranger to racing but this was Emmet’s first time at a Canadian race and he rallied that hill like a champ. Pretty stoked to see this kid show up to a new hill and kick ass.

quinn and emmett

After a long day of racing, nothing says “Good job!” like sugar and caffeine. The caramel drizzles are not required but highly recommended.i heart shitty coffee

Like all great trips, they must come to an end. I rolled back to Portland with Dubler and Mercado and we got to swing by the DIY skatepark in Seattle known as Marginal Way. Always nice to scratch some pool coping after you’ve been rallying hills for the weekend. Dubler managed to get around the pocket and over the light.

dubler marginal

Mercado has front-side rocks on lock. Dubler got a better photo but this gives you somewhat of an idea.mercado marginal

Home sweet home.

home sweet home

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    Love to take you guys up a climbing Rt in Squamish. Maybe you can take me up and down some hillz in the area.

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