SKS Issue 12.5 Cover Final Web

Introducing the new Skate[Slate] .5 Edition and free Cheap[Skate] subscription

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SKS Issue 12.5 Cover Final Web


Download the free Skate[Slate] .5 Edition Issue 12.5 now!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our latest publication today, the Skate[Slate] .5 Edition. The .5 Edition slots in nicely between our fast-paced website and the bimonthly publication of Skate[Slate] Longboarding magazine. Published every other month in between the print issues, this new edition will include a mix of our original web content as well as some brand new, previously unseen articles, all wrapped up in a nice package designed for reading on your computer, smartphone, or tablet of choice. That just means more downhill skateboarding coverage for you to enjoy!

Even if you’ve seen one or two of the articles before, the .5 Edition puts the photos and stories in a new context, allowing the photos to really shine in a distraction free format. All in all, it’s more conducive to sitting down for your morning bowl of cereal, cup of coffee, spliff, or whatever it is that you do before you start your day. It’s tough for even the most ardent reader to keep up with the flow of information online, so take this as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy some good reads.

Best of all, we’re not charging you anything for this! Download it, email it to your homies, do whatever you want. Find it here to start reading immediately, or become a Cheap[Skate] Subscriber for free and never miss an issue. If you’re an Enthusiast or Premier subscriber and you’ve set up digital access then you’re already good to go. Just fire up the Skate[Slate] app and download the new issue.

Get comfy and enjoy some good stories.

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