The new Landyachtz El Barbaro, with Max Gradlmiller

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Today marks the launch of the El Barbaro, putting a little old school flavor into the Landyachtz lineup. Designed as a versatile board for the city, it measures 30″ by 9.25″, with a wheelbase of 14.12″.  Construction consists of 7 plies of maple with a beefy kicktail, small nose, and wheel wells. We rang up the board’s designer, Max Gradlmiller, to get the lowdown on what the deck is all about. Hit the jump for the full conversation and a bunch of photos.

Hey Max, how’s it going?

Good, how are you doing?

Not too bad. How’s your trip to Maryhill going so far?

Awesome. We’re actually ahead of schedule for the first time in Landyachtz roadtrip history.


That seems like quite the achievement!

Yeah, we’re cooking it down there right now, probably will take another hour and a half or two hours.

Awesome. Why don’t you tell me a bit about your new board?

Alright, basically it’s designed off of a couple old school shapes that I’ve been riding for the last couple years. I never really got into the double kicks, I always liked having the wider end and the old school fish shape. I brought up the idea with Tom and Mike to redo the Smoke and make it better. I basically designed that board as something for around town, something that I can go fast on, and just generally getting where I want to go, that style of board.


Are there any old school boards in particular that inspired this shape?

Yeah, the Gator for sure, the Vision Gator. Skull Skates Deadman, I got some of the shape from that too. Basically marrying those two shapes, and then bringing the old school skateboard into 2013 by giving it some concave, extra wheel wells, and throwing on a sick graphic.

What’s the deal with the graphic?

I always wanted a sugar skull graphic on a board and this got me the opportunity, they let me take a look at a couple artists to see their style of artwork and I picked the Scarecrow Oven guys ‘cause they had kind of a crazy style that kind of reminds me of an old school graphic. So I was like, “Hey, I like your style of work, could you incorporate that into a sugar skull, throw some roses in the background, try to make it creepy, and a Spanish flair to it. They came up with that and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. A simple graphic, a little overdone.


How long have you been working on developing it?

Actually a lot longer than I thought. For that particular shape, I’ve been working on it for almost a year, with other boards and shapes until I found the exact shape and length that I wanted it. I have eight or nine boards with different shapes and concaves lying around at my house now.

It looks like a pretty massive tail, I take it you like a big badonkadonk on your boards?

Haha, yeah, I like a big tail. I know it’s not everyone’s style, but we’ll keep it around for now and see how other people like it.

What are your go-to moves on the board?

Tail rakes and bonelesses.


Do you ever pull any Vallely-style streetplants with it?

Kinda, I’m not that good at them to be honest!

So are you gonna race Maryhill on this thing?

Yeah I am. We got one set up slalom-style, we’ll give that a go and see how it works, I’m pretty stoked.

Nice. Well, thanks for chatting, catch you later.





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