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Blood Orange: Introducing JM Duran

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Our pal JM Duran is joining forces with NorCal urethane specialists Blood Orange. Match made in heaven? It certainly looks like it. JM has been crushing paved surfaces of all varieties for a long time now. Check it out as he struts his stuff on the streets of San Francisco.

This is JM Duran, our newest team rider. He spent a couple afternoons in San Francisco dodging cable cars, tourists, and mad street traffic for your enjoyment. We dig his unique brand of skateboarding and are sure you will too. Welcome to the team JM!

Film/Edit: Kyle Buthman (with help from a select few…thanks dudes!)­e

JM Duran Blood Orange Bushings


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  1. Nic Hc Neuman

    Why would you post a video with such blatant disregard for safety. Yah he shreds and a sponsored rider, but that's no excuse for skating through steep downtown streets around traffic with no helmet.

    Kids look up to this shit and people are going to keep getting hurt, how many more skaters have to get seriously hurt because they think its okay to not wear a helmet. As a popular media that people rely on for news and information on the longboarding world, you guys are blowing it.

  2. Joe McDevitt

    This is lame, this dude shreds but the best thing that separates the longboard community from most other skate media is helmet advocacy. I totally agree with Nic, this is bs-if kids see helmets all the time on the riders they look up to they will wear a helmet and stay safe to skate another day.

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