NEW: Rayne Dalua Piranha and more

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Rayne Dalua Piranha longboard deck


We’ve got two bits of Rayne news for you today:

1. They’re releasing the new Rayne Dalua Piranha, a shorter version of Dalua’s Amazon pro model, and we’re the only place in the world to get it! Dalua perfected the shape of the Amazon to meet his racing needs, but for technical courses like Maryhill he wanted something smaller. Enter the Piranha, packing all the same features in a package that’s two inches shorter. The Rayne Dalua Piranha is only available to Skate[Slate] Subscribers, through the Deal of the Week in the Skate[Slate] Marketplace.

The Spec Sheet:

36.5″ x 10” x 28”/29”

• Bamboo + Fiberglass
• Mean Concave
• 5/8” Radial Drop
• 3 Stage Rocker

2. In the process, we got the new Rayne summer catalog. It’s not supposed to be public yet, but what the hell. Take a look and see what’s coming down the pipelines. Saviour? Darkside? Hmm… Looks like the guys in Vancouver are working on some new stuff. We’ll let you know as we find out more.