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Sector 9: Angie’s Curves 2013

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And here’s the Sector 9 footage of Angie’s Curves.  Just sit back and enjoy the gnarly predrifts and speeds of over 60 mph.

Sector 9 and the Ian Tilmann Foundation Presents an IDF World Cup event: Angie’s Curves 2013

Reaching speeds greater than 65mph entering the turns, Angie’s Curves has raised the level of downhill skateboarding by presenting riders with a track that pushes their skateboarding skills to the limit. The best in the world gathered in Southern California to be tested against the world’s most challenging track. With over 125 skaters, advancing through rounds was no easy task. Now after days of waiting, we are prepared to unleash the footage from the event that changed competitive downhill racing forever.

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Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 2.00.14 PM