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Loaded Tesseract

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Tag along as an all-star lineup go out and shred a variety of terrain on the new Loaded Tesseract. From downhill and freeride to freestyle maneuvers on the boardwalk, the Tesseract is built with an all-around approach to riding in mind.

With the Loaded Van totaled (RIP) Adam S. relied on the teleportation of the Tesseract to transport Dane, Camilo, Ethan, Kyle and Cindy from the Malibu Hills to Venice Beach to the abandoned neighborhood of Surfridge. No steep canyon line or gawking tourist could combat the Tesseract’s innate versatility allowing the riders blast into the fourth dimension with speed, style and grace.

The Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, snappy slides, lofty ollies, and techy manual combos.

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Available Worldwide.

Dane Webber
Camilo Cespedes
Ethan Cochard
Kyle Chin
Cindy Zhou

film & edit:
Adam Stokowski

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Loaded Tesseract