Caliber Truck Co: The Whistler Road Trip

The Caliber crew hopped in a bus and boogied up to Canada for the Whistler Longboard Festival, enjoying many rad pitstops along the way.

2,000 miles of road covered, two crews, and two buses. The Caliber and Arbor teams caravanned up the coast of the Pacific Northwest skating anything and everything in their path while on their way to the Whistler Longboard Festival. Experience these two videos, captured from the different perspectives of their respective crews, and enjoy the ride of an epic skate trip without having to deal with the smells of a bus packed with skaters who haven’t showered in two weeks.

LInk to Arbor Skateboards’ Whistler Road Trip:

Riders: Peter Eubank, Alicia Fillback, Aaron Grulich, Nick Ronzani, Dave Tanacci, Tyler Howell, Brandon Tissen, Tomio Choy, Liam Morgan

Film/Edit: Chubbs

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Caliber Whistler Longboard Festival